winequartz.drv Mac OS X UI discontinued?

Steven Edwards winehacker at
Fri Jul 4 17:16:37 CDT 2008

On Fri, Jul 4, 2008 at 5:43 PM, James McKenzie
<jjmckenzie51 at> wrote:
> Maybe this could be further queried as:  "What is CodeWeaver's offical
> stance on supporting a Mac OS X native user interface when the code
> becomes stable and supportable?" and "Would CodeWeavers consider
> bringing Emmanuel on as a paid employee at that time to ensure that the
> code is maintained?"

I can't speak for CodeWeavers, being a former employee now running a
competing business but I plan on looking at the new 1.0 Quartzdrv and
if the performance is acceptable (it was not in prior versions),
building a custom version of Bordeaux for OS X. Not that I expect it
to make much money, Bordeaux for Linux has not brought in that much
yet, but if it does, I'm willing to try to help fund development.

Steven Edwards

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