winequartz.drv Mac OS X UI discontinued?

Jeremy White jwhite at
Fri Jul 4 23:21:20 CDT 2008


> Maybe this could be further queried as:  "What is CodeWeaver's offical 
> stance on supporting a Mac OS X native user interface when the code 
> becomes stable and supportable?" and "Would CodeWeavers consider 
> bringing Emmanuel on as a paid employee at that time to ensure that the 
> code is maintained?"
We are very interested in Wine having a more native OS X interface.

However, our analysis is that the task is difficult and will require a
long time to stabilize and get right.  I am excited by and interested in
Emmanuel's work, but I am told not to be too excited, that it's not
a magic bullet, and that the bulk of the hard work is still ahead.

We have a long history of hiring proven Wine developers and thereby 
their work.  We do that as much as our income will allow, gated by peoples
ability and willingness to work with us.

To answer the seemingly implied question: "Are we deliberately crippling 
Wine for Mac OS X
to serve our own nefarious ends", the answer is no.  That's in no small 
part because our main
nefarious end is to improve Wine :-).

Did we make a decision to focus on an X11 based solution for Mac OS X?  
for the time being.  The advantages are that it's here now, works now, 
and that most
of what we do now also benefits Linux and other platforms.  The 
disadvantage, apparently,
is that people suspect us of all kinds of nefarious plots...

And, on a final note, just so its clear:  the contract between 
CodeWeavers and Alexandre
is very explicit:  CodeWeavers gets *no* say in what does or does not go 
into Wine. 
We probably curse his decisions as much or more than any Wine developer, 
and whether
or not Objective C



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