CUDA wrapper

Michael Karcher wine at
Sun Jul 6 17:53:58 CDT 2008

Am Sonntag, den 06.07.2008, 18:23 -0400 schrieb Seth Shelnutt:
> Is it possible to just symbolicly link the cudart.dll file to the
> file? If they are expecting mostly the same function
> calls should this not work? They are going to test this now and see.
This is not going to work. PE style dynamic linking works quite
different from ELF style dynamic linking. Wine can not link native ELF
libraries to windows applications. The files from wine are
special in being ELF files but containing extra information that allows
the Wine dynamic linker to link it into PE processes.

> I believe the main problem is just that cudart.dll is driving to
> access the windows nvidia driver where this is none, but
> knows how to access the linux driver.
This is right. You need at least a correct .spec file to make a wine
dll. You still have to implement a wrapper for each function, as Windows
usually uses the stdcall calling convention, whereas linux uses cdecl by
default. There might be some way to automate writing the wrapper

  Michael Karcher

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