Support of USB hardware tokens

Alexander Morozov amorozov at
Mon Jul 7 05:10:47 CDT 2008

> Split it at least into the sub driver/dll parts.
> You can leave out the "configure" part, it will be regenerated form
> configure. ac anyway. Same for dlls/
> The ntoskrnl changes might break the already working copy protection
> drivers, so either try them yourself after the patch or ask someone to try
> them. The ntoskrnl changes are also so large that you split them into
> parts, like perhaps:
> 	- stubs
> 	- header file changes / additions
> 	- new implementation functions
> 	- hook those functions into current framework (if the two steps
> 	  are seperable)
> Ciao, Marcus

Thank you for your answer.

As I understand, working copy protection drivers are listed here:
Can someone test theirs after applying my patch?

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