CUDA wrapper

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Mon Jul 7 12:17:25 CDT 2008

> I am also not quite sure about some constructs, like
> "wine_cudaBindTexture( size_t* offset, const struct texture < T, dim,
> readMode >& texRef, const void* devPtr, const struct cudaChannelFormatDesc&
> desc, size_t size = UINT_MAX )" As far as I know this contains C++ or
> Microsoft syntax, which is not valid in pure C.

Correct, this is C++.  If you're wondering about the const reference,
that's only valid in C++.  If there is such a declaration as part of
the CUDA API, then it's only accessible from C++ callers, and your
implementation must be in C++.

If you're wondering about the default value for size, that's also C++.
 Default values are only valid in a function declaration, not in a
function definition.  Therefore I think you can just omit them from
your own implementation.

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