programs: add rudimentary dxdiag

Louis Lenders xerox_xerox2000 at
Tue Jul 8 09:59:13 CDT 2008

Detlef Riekenberg < <at>> writes:


> Louis, please do not give up and reopen the bug.
> You got already some comments, and I want to give some more Ideas.
> - You told, that you reuse the code for the cube from the internet.
>   That is a no-go because of copyright and license issues!
>   Where does the code came from?
>   What is the license for that code?
As already said, from tutorials scattered allover the internet,
www.codesampler for example. I'm not sure what the license code 
for a tutorial is. Is the "hello world" tutorial also copyrighted?

> - You told, that minimizing the Cube-Window does not work now,
>   but worked in an old Wine.
>   You think, that this is an Regression in Wine.
>   It's also possible, that there was an bug in Wine which is now fixed 
>   and your dxdiag code is not correct.
I'd have to check by compiling a windows executable. If it runs 
in windows, it should run in wine.

>   Again, a clean implementation can avoid this issue.
As long as simple stub is not accepted i cannot even start with that. Anyway,
thanks for your comments Detlef. Regards

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