CUDA wrapper

Seth Shelnutt shelnutt2 at
Tue Jul 8 10:21:28 CDT 2008

I think I am using winemaker wrong. It does not give me a .res file as the
winelib user's guide says I need, and the guide says I should be getting a and configure script. When I try to use it and link to the file it acts like the target directory is

shelnutt at Ubuntu32-L:~/wine/patches/cuda$ winemaker --nosource-fix --dll
-Ldir /usr/local/cuda/lib/ -library
error: the work directory, "", has already been specified
(was "/usr/local/cuda/lib/")

I'm not sure if just the winelib guide is out of date, it says many of the
parts are, or if I'm not understanding it right. I've also looked at the man
page for  winemaker and I guess I just don't get how to specify which files
to link to.
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