[RESEND]MSI:ACTION_AppSearchReg() should return backslash terminated paths - Solves bug 13838

Massimo Del Fedele max at veneto.com
Tue Jul 8 13:52:05 CDT 2008

Zac Brown ha scritto:
> Massimo Del Fedele wrote:
>> I already verified that the patch does no harm AND solves a problem.
>> For me that's more than enough.
>> Ciao
>> Max
> Can you provide proof that beyond the shadow of a doubt it will always be 
> correct? 
Nobody can :-)

One way to provide that proof is to write a test.
Even a test is not 100% proof.

OTOH, the proof that as it is now is wrong, is autocad installer itself.
The patch is so simple and not invasive that IMHO the time I'd need to 
learn how to build a testcase and to do it is not worth the effort.
BTW, for me is no problem at all. I'm happy with the result on my three,
I'm using autocad on my ubuntu desktop and it works perfectly, and for 
me programming is just an hobby, autocad and civil engineering software 
belongs to my real job.
The patch was for other people wishing the same on an unpatched wine; as 
many people asked me I posted it, but the spare time I can spend on it 
is finished. If somebody else wants to take care of testcase-patch and 
so on, he's wellcome :-)

Ciao and thanx to all for answers.


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