msxml3/test: Added ISAXXMLReader test. (4/18) (resend)

Alistair Leslie-Hughes leslie_alistair at
Tue Jul 8 21:21:45 CDT 2008

> I'm mentoring Piotr for SOC, and he knows that he needs to write more
> tests and plans on doing so.  With these 18 patches, he was working to
> fix the Photoshop installer, not completely and thoroughly implement
> this feature.  If you have a problem with the current implementation
> as represented by these patches, please let us know; otherwise, let's
> get these patches in and he'll submit more tests before the project is
> over (tests are a part of the project).
Hi James,
   Wont say another word on Tests. (Hopefully we'll see a test patch 
I've had already had a look though the patches, and have made a few a 

Best Regards
 Alistair Leslie-Hughes

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