winequartz.drv Mac OS X UI discontinued?

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Thu Jul 10 07:34:32 CDT 2008

On Mon, 7 Jul 2008, Adam Strzelecki wrote:
> It was just said once that winequartz.drv won't go into official Wine,  
> and the top reason was Objective-C and this was just a bizarre  
> decision for me. Objective-C is almost as old as C++ and it was just  
> chosen for an object model of OSX (NextStep previously) in opposition  
> to pure C messaging of Windows and C++ for COM interfaces, etc.

Hehe. If it can comfort you, code submissions in Cobol and Fortran would 
be refused too, even though these languages are older than C++. As far 
as I know only C is accepted for the Wine core, and for support scripts 
and development tools Bourne shell and Perl scripts are accepted too. 
There are at least three reasons for that:
 * The first and probably most important reason is that we want to avoid 
a proliferation of languages which would make it harder to compile Wine 
(multiple tool chains), and also harder for developpers to understand 
the code. Currently if you write a test or modify notepad and you get a 
crash in winex11, you will be able to look at the winex11 code and 
hopefully figure out the reason for the crash. If winex11 was written in 
C++ you would first have to understand C++ in order to figure things 
out. The same goes with an Objective-C winequartz driver.
 * Additional languages may also be causing trouble for winedbg. I'm not 
entirely sure about that one but I believe additional code is needed to 
properly parse the C++ debug information and thus produce proper 
backtraces, be able to inspect the contents of objects, etc (actually 
I'm not sure winedbg supports C++ right now). Adding code in Objective-C 
would probably entail another round of extensions.
 * Finally, at least for C++, there was an issue with ABI stability. It 
used to be that a C++ program compile with a version of g++ (e.g. 3.3) 
would not be able to use a C++ library compiled with an older or newer 
version of g++ (2.95 or 4.x). Things may have become a bit more stable 
on that front. Also this may not apply to Objective-C on Mac OS X 
(presumably Apple does not want to break all the 3rd party applications 
everytime they upgrade they upgrade the standard compiler).

> So IMHO no for Objective-C means no for decent Mac OSX support, 
> period.

Is it really technically impossible to access the Quartz APIs or write 
Mac applications using C?

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