regedit: Implement deleting multiple values (resend)

John Klehm xixsimplicityxix at
Thu Jul 10 10:22:20 CDT 2008

On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 8:20 AM, Andre Wisplinghoff
<andre.wisplinghoff at> wrote:
> Changelog:
> Regedit: Implement deleting multiple values
> Changes from first send as suggested @ wine-devel:
> - Use standard MessageBox instead of making the messagebox function from
> edit.c non-static
> - Real name in patch, no HTML Mail

Hello Andre,

I would wait till tomorrow to see if AJ's scripts pick up your patch
but usually a good indicator of how it came through the system can be
seen by checking pipermail.

is your latest resend.  Clicking on the url at the bottom for the
attachment yields a blank screen for me. This could be a sign that
somehow the scripts on the backend of the mail server lost your patch
due to encoding or how you attached it.  Unfortunately I don't know
which or exactly what the fix is so you might have to experiment.

So you might have to ask on the list again and point out that piper
mail didn't pick it up.

The strange thing is your patch shows up in gmail inlined in the
message just fine for me, which is why I suggest to wait and see if
AJ's scripts can also pick it up.

Best of luck,

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