New winetricks 20080710: new verb ogg, fixes for firefox and divx.

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Jul 10 19:49:32 CDT 2008

Another week, another winetricks.

The big news is that Maarten now has a good
directshow filter for the Schroedinger codec,
and that it runs on Wine finally.
To see it in action, do
  rm winetricks
  bash codecdemo
then choose the options to install ogg and xvid;
then choose the option to play the example ogg dirac file Acadiane.ogg.
It should work (with some artifacts).

This is big news because Schroedinger is potentially
a good enough, free enough codec to achieve world domination
one of these days (once all the bugs are worked out).

Online as always at

Changes since July 4th's wine-devel annoucement:

r101 Added Schroedinger directshow filter (w00t!)
r100 Add ogg codec to winetricks and codecdemo
r99 add missing quotes on backtick; should fix problem reported by
Philippe Roubach?
r98 Updated divx
r97 Fixed URL for firefox3 (thanks Shing-Shong Shei),
 Fixed silent install for firefox3
 Added firefox synonym for firefox3

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