extending setupapi

Juan Lang juan.lang at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 09:35:36 CDT 2008

Hi Pieter, overall your patch looks good, but it has some minor errors
that get in the way:

-    struct DeviceInfo *devInfo = SETUPDI_AllocateDeviceInfo(set, set->cDevices,
-            instanceId, phantom);
+    struct DeviceInfo *devInfo;

     TRACE("%p, %s, %d, %s, %d\n", set, debugstr_guid(guid), devInst,
             debugstr_w(instanceId), phantom);

+    devInfo = SETUPDI_AllocateDeviceInfo(set, set->cDevices,
+            instanceId, phantom);
This change is unrelated to the function you're implementing, please
send it in a separate patch if you want this change to go in.

+    TRACE("%s, %s, %p, %08x, %p, %s, %p\n", debugstr_guid(class),
+          debugstr_a(enumstr), parent, flags, deviceset,
+          debugstr_a(machine), reserved);
Same here..

-    HKEY interfacesKey = SetupDiOpenClassRegKeyExW(interface, KEY_READ,
+    HKEY interfacesKey;

     TRACE("%p, %s, %s, %08x\n", DeviceInfoSet, debugstr_guid(interface),
             debugstr_w(enumstr), flags);

+    interfacesKey = SetupDiOpenClassRegKeyExW(interface, KEY_READ,
and here..

@@ -3549,6 +3558,10 @@ HKEY WINAPI SetupDiOpenClassRegKeyExW(
     LPCWSTR lpKeyName;
     LONG l;

+    TRACE("%s, %08x, %08x, %s, %p\n", debugstr_guid(ClassGuid),
+          samDesired, Flags,
+          debugstr_w(MachineName), Reserved);
and here.

+@ stdcall SetupDiOpenDeviceInterfaceRegKey(ptr ptr long long)
 @ stdcall SetupDiOpenDeviceInterfaceA(ptr str long ptr)
-@ stub SetupDiOpenDeviceInterfaceRegKey
In general we alphabetize function names in spec files, so please
don't change the order.

Thanks for your help with Wine.

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