How do I write an exception filter?

Stefan Kuhr winesku at
Sun Jul 13 09:35:26 CDT 2008

Hello everyone,

On 7/10/08, Juan Lang <juan.lang at> wrote:
> <snip>
> Now that we've established you can't do this yourself, a hint on how
> you can help us:  file a bug describing the problem, and produce as
> small a test case as you can that shows the problem in Wine.  Ideally
> you can write a regression test that succeeds on Windows and fails on
> Wine.  That should give the devs here a pretty strong hint about what
> needs to be done.

Done, it's Bug #14465. It contains source code and binaries for a
windows RPC client and server that allows to use a variety of RPC
calls with different comm and fault status decoration of the RPC calls
and client side diagnosis of what exceptions are legitimate and what
are erroneous. I have also a attached a patch with the result of my
work regarding this problem. The source code for this patch has been
written before I started debugging the XP implementation of
NdrClientCall2 and has been created by analysing the MIDL generated
source code for my test project. I hope this all can help to fix this
problem. If anyone needs help with my code or my test project, don't
hesitate to contact me.



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