Starting point to debug an application error

Brad Campbell brad at
Thu Jul 17 03:49:29 CDT 2008

G'day all,

I'm playing with a windows program used to develop code for a uC. The 
application is free to download and installs cleanly with no dependence 
on external hardware. It's pretty much working except for two details.

A) The file tree on the left of the application throws an application 
exception when clicking on any items.
B) It won't recognise there is a serial port configured.

I'm working on (B) myself and making progress. It's all to do with 
registry keys windows 2k+ creates when a serial port is 
detected/created. This is not an issue for me and I think I can make it 
work relatively cleanly.

I'm having trouble with (A). I've done full traces, relay traces and 
played with the debugger, but I don't seem to be able to get a starting 
point to track down the error. The application handles it internally and 
does not seem to throw an exception at wine. No crash, just not working.

If someone has the time to look at it, I'd love a pointer on where / how 
to start investigating this..
The application is available here. I'd direct link it but their web 
server won't allow a download without the correct references.

I've tried it on the latest CVS as of this morning. I've also built and 
tested against crossover-7 sources today. Both fail in precisely the 
same way.


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