ws2_32: update to WSASendTo / last error patch

Roy Shea royshea at
Thu Jul 17 19:42:18 CDT 2008


> In the future, please attach your test patch to a message in
> wine-devel asking someone to run the test in windows.

I just ran your tests.  The new tests ran without problems on my Win2K
and WinXP systems.

However I do have a few other comments.  Your formatting is not
consistent with the style of the files you edit.  Spaces around
parameters are used in dlls/ws2_32/socket.c such as:

WSASetLastError( NtStatusToWSAError( err ));

and dlls/ws2_32/tests/sock.c uses a spacing between the "if" and the
conditional such as:


Also, do you need to be closing the socket "s" with a call to
"closesocket"?  Be sure to do this on both regular and error paths if
it's needed.  You can look at "test_ipv6only" for an example of using
the infamous "goto out;" used throughout wine to handle cleanup when
exiting a test early.


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