[RFC] crypt32: fixed the base64 tests on Vista.

Juan Lang juan.lang at gmail.com
Mon Jul 21 14:45:33 CDT 2008

Hi Reece,

thanks for looking into failures on Vista.

> To me, without understanding this in any more detail, it looks as if
> Vista is broken here (and thus the Vista return parts should be marked
> as broken()). However, Vista may be doing the right thing, and thus
> the behaviour in these cases has changed between XP and Vista. The
> latter seems more likely, but I do not have any experience in this
> area, nor understand these tests well enough to say one way or the
> other.

I think you're probably right that Vista's changed.  By definition,
that makes it "right."  I suspect what it's doing is guessing that
something is base64-encoded even if it doesn't begin with the
"-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" or whatever header.  It'd be interesting
to see what format Vista guesses the encoded data was in when the
encoded data have no header.  I don't have access to a Vista machine
myself, so it'd be hard for me to fix it.

Would you mind having a go?  Thanks,

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