one liner patch to stop crash, everquest2.exe

celticht32 at celticht32 at
Mon Jul 21 20:09:45 CDT 2008

yes I am looking at the shaders... and am noticing something as well in the traces... some reason when it goes to ask how much memory to use...
on my machine it thinks it only has 16mb of texture memory.. when the laptop has 256mb of video ram...? if you look in device.c the pixel shader fails atleast on my firegl5200.? The other curiosity is that when 
EverQuest2.exe runs it seems to be going through the adapter initialization two times.. once when it loads then it starts loading up 
sound? and then it looks atleast in my traces? it initializes the adapter again getting an adapter which is the second adapter (I think) used for dual head.... 

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