general question..

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg231 at
Mon Jul 21 22:47:01 CDT 2008

Ivan Gyurdiev wrote:
> James Hawkins wrote:
>>> context.c - same except in this case its just a return with noting 
>>> else..
>>> why do a goto why not just do the return?
>> This is probably ok to change. I can only imagine that the original
>> author thought there might be cleanup needed at some later point.
> The bigger question is why there is a huge if-else statement, and why 
> this function is so large.
> Huge if-else statement = 2 sub-functions
> Shader dirty constants - do shader internals really belong here ?
> Ivan
The GL initialization stuff at the end should also go into a subfunction 
It really looks like the core of the function control flow does this, 
unless I'm misunderstanding:

hdc = get_hdc_somehow() [ offscreen and onscreen choices ]
ctx = create_new_context(hdc)

The rest is unimportant details like making it work properly :)


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