EverQuest2.exe and context.c

Chris Ahrendt celticht32 at aol.com
Tue Jul 22 21:30:54 CDT 2008

Stefan and all...

in context.c

the following lines:

     /* When findCompatible is set and no suitable format was found, let 
ChoosePixelFormat choose a pixel format in order not to crash. */
     if(!iPixelFormat && !findCompatible) {
         ERR("Can't find a suitable iPixelFormat\n");
         return FALSE;
     } else

why not remove this  and go ahead and call ChoosePixelFormat?
If ChoosePixelFormat fails then we say we can't find  a suitable pixel 
format? This removes one problem when EverQuest2.exe runs where I get 
2-3 calls to WineD3D_ChoosePixelFormat. The first call seems to work as 
it loads the shaders (least that is whats in the logs it looks like) but 
with the above bit of code I get 2 more calls which fail and say the 
above error. Now in DX9 I read when initializing it calls initialization 
  several times for each display adapter reported (I think thats what I 
remember it saying). EverQuest2.exe still reports that the ATI FireGL 
card does not have Pixel Shaders (which it does) but I do not seem to be 
getting the exception or the iPixel Error in my logs after removing 
this. Is it critical we have the above code when we can get similar 
function by removing it and letting ChoosePixelFormat fail if the card 
does not support it?


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