valgrind warning in wineconsole

Dan Kegel dank at
Wed Jul 23 10:54:43 CDT 2008

Here's a warning that seems to pop up if you type
or mouse or something during the kernel32/console test.
I first saw it last year, but it popped up again once last month
and again today:

 Syscall param writev(vector[...]) points to uninitialised byte(s)
    at  (within /lib/
    by  send_request (server.c:246)
    by  wine_server_call (server.c:327)
    by  wine_server_call_err (server.h:61)
    by  WriteConsoleInputW (console.c:429)
    by  WCUSER_GenerateKeyInputRecord (user.c:1059)
    by  WCUSER_Proc (user.c:1118)
    by  ??? (library.h:163)
    by  call_window_proc (winproc.c:457)
    by  WINPROC_call_window (winproc.c:2198)
    by  DispatchMessageW (message.c:3125)
    by  WCUSER_MainLoop (user.c:1381)
    by  WinMain (wineconsole.c:869)
    by  main (exe_main.c:48)
  Address 0x7f22f8a6 is on thread 1's stack
  Uninitialised value was created by a stack allocation
    at  WCUSER_GenerateKeyInputRecord (user.c:1019)

That user.c is in programs/wineconsole.

This might just be a matter of INPUT_RECORD being holey,
I haven't checked.

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