crypt32/tests: check Vista error codes for the msg tests.

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Wed Jul 23 12:39:49 CDT 2008

Hi Markus,

> A more general question: Is it Wine's policy to just ignore
> differences in behaviour between different Windows versions?

No, we wish to accept most Windows versions.  Not quite all, because
in some cases old versions of Windows are clearly broken.  That's what
we have the handy broken() for in the tests.

> From my own (naive) standpoint I'd say something like this would be better
> (pseudo-code):
> if (WinVer <= XP) {
>     ok((!ret && [...]),
>        "Expected [...]);
> } else {
>     ok((ret && [...]),
>        "Expected [...]);
> }

This isn't better, because the Windows version isn't a reliable way to
check the expected behavior.  New service packs, new versions of IE,
new drivers, and many other things not reflected by the Windows
version affect the expected result.  So the current way of accepting
any Windows result we think is not terribly broken is better than your

> Likely a often asked question, but I couldn't find hints about the
> answer yet.

Indeed, that is often asked.  /me thinks we need a developer FAQ..

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