EverQuest2.exe and context.c

Chris Ahrendt celticht32 at aol.com
Wed Jul 23 19:16:20 CDT 2008

Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
> Chris Ahrendt wrote:
>> Ok I ran make test and got the failure without running Everquest2.exe 
>> let me attach the output of maketest. I guess thats a start eh?
> You getting off-topic too far here. Make test have nothing to do with 
> your game. Especially that you attached complete output of everything.
> However this lines tell the whole story:
>> libGL error: drmMap of framebuffer failed (Cannot allocate memory)
>> libGL error: reverting to (slow) indirect rendering
> You have broken driver. And I'm afraid your configuration can not be 
> supported. You could try and read the faq about how to try and fix it. 
> But that still won't fix broken driver.
> Vitaliy
> PS:
> Please do not attach big files to mailing list. If you are asked for 
> them - send to that person directly or attach to the bug report.
> PPS:
> Please take this discussion to the bug report. It's not a general case 
> but a game specific. It belongs there not in the developer's mailing 
> list. Since you are not a developer yourself and just add an extra noise 
> to the mailing list.
Actually Vialiy it is a discussion that belongs here... not in bug fix..
I have had that gl error and its not what we are working on... the 
problem we are working on was first found in EverQuest2.exe but I was 
able to reproduce it without everquest. so its not a game related issue.
Second point.. I was told to bring this sort of discussion over here to
discuss as the patch list is not for general discussion.


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