EverQuest2.exe and context.c

Chris Ahrendt celticht32 at aol.com
Thu Jul 24 22:24:20 CDT 2008

Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
> Chris Ahrendt wrote:
>> Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
>>> Chris Ahrendt wrote:
>>>> Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
>>>>> Chris Ahrendt wrote:
>>>>>> Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
>>>>>>> Chris Ahrendt wrote:
>>>>>>>> Ok I ran make test and got the failure without running 
>>>>>>>> Everquest2.exe let me attach the output of maketest. I guess 
>>>>>>>> thats a start eh?
>>>>>>> You getting off-topic too far here. Make test have nothing to do 
>>>>>>> with your game. Especially that you attached complete output of 
>>>>>>> everything.
>>>>>>> However this lines tell the whole story:
>>>>>>>> libGL error: drmMap of framebuffer failed (Cannot allocate memory)
>>>>>>>> libGL error: reverting to (slow) indirect rendering
>>>>>>> You have broken driver. And I'm afraid your configuration can not 
>>>>>>> be supported. You could try and read the faq about how to try and 
>>>>>>> fix it. But that still won't fix broken driver.
>>>>>>> Vitaliy
>>>>>>> PS:
>>>>>>> Please do not attach big files to mailing list. If you are asked 
>>>>>>> for them - send to that person directly or attach to the bug report.
>>>>>>> PPS:
>>>>>>> Please take this discussion to the bug report. It's not a general 
>>>>>>> case but a game specific. It belongs there not in the developer's 
>>>>>>> mailing list. Since you are not a developer yourself and just add 
>>>>>>> an extra noise to the mailing list.
>>>>>> Actually Vialiy it is a discussion that belongs here... not in bug 
>>>>>> fix..
>>>>>> I have had that gl error and its not what we are working on... the 
>>>>>> problem we are working on was first found in EverQuest2.exe but I 
>>>>>> was able to reproduce it without everquest. so its not a game 
>>>>>> related issue.
>>>>>> Second point.. I was told to bring this sort of discussion over 
>>>>>> here to
>>>>>> discuss as the patch list is not for general discussion.
>>>>> I'm talking about bugzilla. What's the bug number you are referring 
>>>>> too?
>>>>> Vitaliy.
>>>> There are a couple 14072 is one of them...
>>> Did you noticed that your patch has nothing to do with what you 
>>> talking about here? The bug related to this topic is 14000. And 
>>> please don't mix and match multiple things.
>>> Reading this thread you talking about:
>>> 1. Changing gotos with something
>>> 2. Not liking the code
>>> 3. PixelFormat.
>>> 4. make test failures (not even related to d3d at all)
>>> 5. dxdiag crash
>>> This is all on top of broken configuration (did you disable fast 
>>> tls?) and known bad drivers and particular bad video card.
>>> Please stay on topic of pixelformat related problem or you won't get 
>>> anywhere trying to fix everything at the same time.
>>> For the main topic - you will need to wait for Roderic to chime in on 
>>> the reasons behind his code. This area is really fragile and should 
>>> not be changed to fix a particular program.
>>> Vitaliy.
>> Yes I disabled fast tls... configuration is not broken...
> The message from the libGL indicates it is.
>> the thread was different for each of the topics... I never said I 
>> didnt like the code.. if you read where I commented back to stefan I 
>> said how 
>> I am allowed a personal opinion and respect others opinions.
> Nothing wrong about that. And you've been told what is the Wine hackers 
> opinion about gotos. That's all. The hardest part in this project is to 
> getting used to how things work here.
>> I asked stefan where to go next when we were I did some research  and 
>> found make test so I ran that. When I ran that I recieved the same 
>> problem I was experiencing with everquest.
> You ran all the tests. Which line out of the 100s of lines you attached 
> indicate you got the same problem?
>> Never had a dxdiag crash so you must be mistaking me for someone else.
> Bug 14072 Wine Crashes with a Stack dump:
>> This patches the stack dump which occurs with Direct X games in Wine 
>> on ATI
>> --- provider.c    2008-07-15 11:56:57.000000000 -0400
>> +++ provider_orig.c   2008-07-11 11:55:55.000000000 -0400
>> @@ -665,11 +665,7 @@ static HRESULT DXDiag_InitDXDiagDirectSh
>>     }
>>     IPropertyBag_Release(pPropFilterBag); pPropFilterBag = NULL;
>>   }
>> -      if (pEnum != NULL) -        { -       
>> IEnumMoniker_Release(pEnum); -       pEnum = NULL;
>> -      }
>> + IEnumMoniker_Release(pEnum); pEnum = NULL;
>>        }
>>  class_enum_failed:             SysFreeString(wszCatName);
> That's the patch for dxdign.dll since nothing else has provider.c. Or 
> you pointed to the wrong bug?
>> But my card is not bad..
> Your card known to have hardware defect in it aggravated by the poor 
> quality drivers. You can search bugzilla if you want more details. The 
> point is you want to Wine developers to fix something that's broken 
> somewhere else.
>> Can we all just quit with the your card is crap stuff and your driver 
>> is crap.. yes WE HAVE BEEN MADE AWARE OF THE FACT.  I just want to fix 
>> the problem.
> Then you are in the wrong place. You should be talking to ATI/AMD right 
> about now.
>> Wine should not be getting an unhandled exception when it tries to 
>> initialise..
> It shouldn't unless that crash caused by the bogus information returned 
> from the driver. Or worse yet the crash that hapenes in the driver 
> itself. BTW what but number that is again? And where are the backtraces 
> of the crash?
> You see you haven't done any of the leg work, you don't have any of the 
> usable bug reports opened with the information. You don't even have a 
> usable back trace attached to any of the bugs. That's where you should 
> start.
> Vitaliy.

the LibGL occurs weither or not the fast tls is enabled or disabled 
therefore it is not the configuration. Since the Nvidia drivers and 
intel drivers  had the same issue which was corrected with a patch to 
the kernel (see several of the unbutu forums for references to this) it 
may be a issue with something.

What point are you trying to make with the comment?  I don't understand?
Are we playing dominace games with that comment? If so... you win.. now 
can we move on to more important things?

Again on the goto's I was following what the site suggested was a good 
task to start with. Also in one case I did find a redundant goto that 
isn't needed.. but that is besides the point.

Your comment made no sense please clarify?  I posted that as a possible 
fix to one exception in 14072.

I would disagree on the hardware defect.. as there is nothing in 
bugzilla stating that. Now the drivers.. I don't believe I ever disputed 
that.   I never EVER said  nor implied that I want wine developers to 
fix something that is broken somewhere else. I believe if you read what 
I said  first I said

"I realise that the ATI drivers are flaky at best.. But my card is
not bad.. I also have no choice as to what video card that is in my
laptop.. this is not a desktop.  I personally am, and others as well are
tired of the you have crap get the hell out of here excuse.  I am trying
to work at fixing the problem not complaining about the problem but FIX

Then later in the same response I said :

"Once we look at and figure out why wine is
dying (is it a bad return code ... is the driver stomping on shared
memory? etc...) then I can go to ATI and tell them where the problem is."

Where is that saying I want wine developers to fix it.. I believe I also 
said I want to fix it... or I want to go to ATI and have them fix it.

The backtraces of the crash are attached in 12929 which is a general 
catch all for the ATI issues.  So you might want to rethink your 
comments of what I have and haven't done as you are assuming something 
you have no idea on.  Again I am trying to be curteous and would 
appreciate the same in return.  Again if your trying to put me in my 
place or prove your better than me.. you win... I have no desire to play 
that game.. I have better things to do with my time...


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