Signature checking in Wine

Richie Hindle rjh at
Fri Jul 25 03:45:18 CDT 2008

> 2.  Wine doesn't actually verify that the signature in the file
> matches the file being checked.  Any valid certificate could be put
> into a file, and Wine would accept it.
> I don't consider this a serious security flaw

I assume you don't ship signed software.  If you did, you might see things
differently.  Unless I've misunderstood, you've made this possible:

1. I release my software with my digital signature attached

2. A malware author downloads my software, extracts my certificate, and
   applies it to his malware

3. His software infects a user's machine and damages it.  The user
   discovers the infection, looks at the signature, **Wine says that the
   certificate is valid**, and the user blames me.

Please, either tell me I'm wrong, or make Wine honest about what it's
telling the user.

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