CUDA wrapper

Mind Matter zerix01 at
Fri Jul 25 09:02:26 CDT 2008

Sorry if I posted this wrong, I'm new to mailing lists.

*You could use oprofile to find out where the CPU time is spent - this
*behavior can be caused by a lot of issues.

*Does the Cuda client work now? If so, it would be cool if we could include
*the wrapper in Wine, or get it into a shape to make it easilly
*redistributable and installable next to Wine.

I have been testing this out with Seth. Yes the wrapper is up and
running. I have been able to run the folding at home GPU client for about
a week now with comparable performance to the same hardware running
under Windows. The main problem as stated before is that both cores
(dual core system) are running at 100% and the system is not usable
until the client is killed. In Windows this client only uses about 20%
or less of a single core to feed the GPU leaving the second core free.

I ran oprofile (first time, never heard of it before) while the client
was running.

213932 54.7876 wine-preloader
          samples|      %|
          1970113 88.9871
           160796  7.2629 FahCore_11.exe
            30056  1.3576
            10169  0.4593
             9143  0.4130
             8473  0.3827
             5065  0.2288
             4726  0.2135
             3578  0.1616 [vdso] (tgid:19882
             3458  0.1562

I have attached the full output.

I assume this says that libcuda is using 88% of the CPU and
FahCore_11.exe is using 7%. When I watch the processes in the KDE
system monitor it shows FahCore_11.exe using ~50% (one full core) and
Xorg using ~50% (second core). I don't see from oprofile how and why
xorg is using a whole core.

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