Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Fri Jul 25 13:21:43 CDT 2008

H. Verbeet wrote:
> 2008/7/25 Vitaliy Margolen <wine-devel at>:
>> BTW this is a driver crash in with what appears to be a
>> null-pointer dereference. I'm trying to play with your code to see how to
>> "fix" it.
> Thanks.

Ok I think I see the problem:
0045:trace:d3d_surface:surface_load_ds_location before bind_fbo
0045:trace:d3d:bind_fbo 0x14f474 -> 0
0045:trace:d3d:bind_fbo glGenFramebuffersEXT() -> 2 @ ../../../wine.git/dlls/wined3d/device.c:6084 call ok
0045:trace:d3d:bind_fbo glBindFramebuffer(0x8d40 2) @ ../../../wine.git/dlls/wined3d/device.c:6087 call ok
0045:trace:d3d_surface:surface_load_ds_location after bind_fbo

0033:trace:d3d_surface:surface_load_ds_location before bind_fbo
0033:trace:d3d:bind_fbo 0x14f474 -> 2
0033:trace:seh:raise_exception code=c0000005 flags=0 addr=0x7d05bc3f
0033:trace:seh:raise_exception  info[0]=00000000
0033:trace:seh:raise_exception  info[1]=00000028

So it seems the FBOs are created in one thread used there, then
rebounding in the new thread leads to the crash.

Any ideas how to fix this? Or what to try?


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