Bizarre idea: creating our own extension to msi for cross-platform installers

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Sun Jul 27 11:01:33 CDT 2008

> What if we created a standard for passing some sort of wine-specific
> metadata in an MSI file?  Windows would ignore it, but application
> developers could use it to include some helpful Linux-specific Wine
> instructions like what windows version to use, a custom .desktop file,
> or even instructions to install into a completely independent Wine
> prefix.
> Thoughts?
Hm. I sort of like and dislike the idea at the same time

Regarding desktop integration with win32 apps is concerned, I think those
problems should be fixed in Wine. I think all the things we need to set up
the shortcuts, filetypes, etc. properly are provided by the Windows app

Installing into a different wineprefix won't work, I think. By the time you
have msi started up, a wineprefix decision is done already.

What would be cool though, is if Wine's msi could install a completely
Wine-independent native Linux application(or, install a Winelib app that
brings its own Wine). That way one could build an universal package that
contains a Win32 and native Linux app at the same time.

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