Richedit: fix bug 14280, EM_SETTEXTTEX obeys ST_SELECTION with RTF inputs

Dustin Brody ne4 at
Sun Jul 27 14:52:20 CDT 2008

I sent the patch at but
got neither it applied nor any other comment. As far as I can tell, I
complied with all the guidelines at

Is it the editing of comments not strictly part of the new test (but,
I'd claim, valuable for the future expansion of those test cases to
cover the remaining flag option combinations)? The introduction of a new
buffer in the test handler? That the test handler maybe should be a
patch in itself (although the standard practise seems to be to bundle
them)? The code in the new test-cases? That the editor.c patch should
adopt a different approach? That aside from my own patch to DC++
(discussed in the numbered bug report) I haven't looked for or found a
real-world program using this (in which case, should I first get the
DC++ patch in, then point to that as an example of such a real-world
program; I have been avoiding that precisely because I primarily use
WINE and don't want to break things for myself in the indeterminately
long period after such an application to the main DC++ tree)? Something

Aside from the test cases, this is literally a one-bit change from 0 to
1 and it's been a weeks and a resend and I have no idea what the status
is, how likely it is ever to be committed, or how I might have screwed
up. Feedback would be appreciated.

-Dustin Brody

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