Device.c and set render states

Chris Ahrendt celticht32 at
Sun Jul 27 22:20:03 CDT 2008

While sitting on the airplane I reworked and rethought the set render 
states routine I sent last night and have figured out a more efficient
way for it to run...
Logically thinking it through
208 of the 240 states passed into this routine do nothing and have no 
real type checking other than to make sure the value is a dword (which 
MSDN is very clear that the type of value is a Dword). So what I have 
done is those 208 States are in one case statement in the switch that 
does a break. So 87% of the calls into set render state will work as 
they have worked before and work on windows. That leaves 32 states
which have specific rules that are applied to them such as valid value 
ranges or values. This consists of 32 States (13% of the calls into the
routine) which need Value checking. Most of these 32 states do not need
individual rules applied but some do.  This should not overly cause any
speed issues for the routine. There are a four States :


which have a large IF associated with them but they are grouped together 
in one case statement. I believe on windows these calls tend to be a bit 
slower than the others however I would have to test that out to confirm.

As to this patching my issues with everquest2. I forgot that I had the 
loader patch on this build I was using. So the actual way I have found 
that gets EQ sort of running or atleast the start of it running using my
T60p is the libgl wine loader patch, this patch and the ATI patch which 
comments out line 57 and 60 from directx.c all of those get me to the 
point where it starts loading and I get past the ipixel issue.

Please comment on the attached patch and let me know what you think..
I would like to submit this to the patch list =). If it is alright with
you I would like going through and where you have noted TODO's to start 
working on those. Got to have something to keep me occupied while I am 
on the road =)

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