user32: Add a test for ToUnicode - Win9x behaviour

Andre Wisplinghoff andre.wisplinghoff at
Wed Jul 30 04:18:08 CDT 2008


I think my patch [1] shouldn't be applied, because I didn't think about 
older versions of Windows. According to MSDN, ToUnicode has NT 3.1 as a 
minimum, meaning we should test if the function is unimplemented and 
skip the test in this case (Win9x Systems). Unfortunately I don't have a 
Win9x system ready for testing at the moment. Is adding the following 
after the first call to ToUnicode enough to handle this issue?

    trace("Skipping the ToUnicode test on a Win9x platform\n");

Best Regards
-- Andre Wisplinghoff


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