DLL loading prolem when injecting into another process

Rolf Kalbermatter r.kalbermatter at hccnet.nl
Thu Jul 31 15:46:43 CDT 2008

Hongbo Ni wrote:

>I think when processing the imports for C:\DirA\B.dll to load C.dll, it
>try C:\DirA\C.dll first, then form the standard load locations. 
>I think it should call load_library( "C:\DirA\C.dll ",
>so C.dll can be loaded into C:\DirX\X.exe process.

Not sure about what you mean with injecting here but in normal application
when loading a DLL explicitedly from a specific directory (which is not the
directory nor the application directory or one of the standard search
paths), Windows
will not resolve to other DLLs implicitedly loaded by that DLL eventhough
they are in
the same directory than the referencing DLL.

Rolf Kalbermatter

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