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Dan Kegel dank at
Fri Jun 6 09:07:05 CDT 2008

Kai wrote:
>Given that they didn't even bother to file a bug report
>or add an appdb entry, that sounds pretty fishy.
> I know that there's been a couple of bug reports
>and requested changes to Samba when Munich
>migrated to Windows. I don't see why any real user
> of Wine wouldn't at least file a bug report.

You'd be surprised.   I've visited the Limux guys in
Munich, and although they did test and use Wine,
they had very little time to devote to it.  I helped
them file Wine bugs, don't know if they would have
without help.  I don't know much about the Vienna
effort.  I did make contact with them in 2006, but
they didn't seem that interested in Wine at the time.
I emailed them again today, perhaps they're more
interested now.

> Overall it seems like Vienna is looking for reasons
> to back out of the Linux migration, perhaps in exchange
> for some goodies some big companies would
>donate in that case. Things like this have happened before.

Vienna, like Munich, isn't monolithic.  There are people
and parties who support the migration in both cases,
and those who oppose it.   It's a continual tug-of-war.
- Dan

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