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Jochen blackdrag at
Fri Jun 6 09:13:22 CDT 2008

Kai Blin schrieb:
> On Friday 06 June 2008 15:11:34 Dan Kegel wrote:
>> Vienna migrates some Linux workstations to Vista because
>> a single app, Schlaumäuse, crashes under Wine.
>> Looks like they send the software out upon request
>> to teachers; see
>> (Can somebody send me a copy?)
> To quote from the zdnet report:
> [quote]
> The software maker behind the Schlaumäuse software is planning a Firefox 
> version for 2009, according to Ringler, who pointed out in the report that 
> the city could have subsidised a Firefox version of the software for a 
> fraction of the cost of the Windows Vista migration.
> [/quote]
> Given that they didn't even bother to file a bug report or add an appdb entry, 
> that sounds pretty fishy. I know that there's been a couple of bug reports 
> and requested changes to Samba when Munich migrated to Windows. I don't see 
> why any real user of Wine wouldn't at least file a bug report.
> Overall it seems like Vienna is looking for reasons to back out of the Linux 
> migration, perhaps in exchange for some goodies some big companies would 
> donate in that case. Things like this have happened before.

also if schlaumäuse is only the lexicon, then I can say: it works with 
FF3. See 
click on the picture and a javascript will open a new window with the 
lexicon. It takes a while to load, but it seems to work.

bye Jochen

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