Wine Profiling

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Sun Jun 8 13:42:36 CDT 2008

> I'd like to know what's the procedure being used to profile Wine's code.
> More specifically, I want to try to track down slowdowns in some
> applcations, which requires profiling to identify where the bottlenecks
> are.
I am using oprofile every now and then to profile Games, but it is only of
limited use. It really depends on the sort of Application you want to
profile, and you should use specific tools for this. If your app mainly
utilizes the CPU, oprofile will be suitable. If it uses 3D graphics, you may
be more happy with things like the NVPerfkit or the MacOS OpenGL profiler(on
osx of course). Disk and Memory functionality may have their own profiler as

The bottom line is that performance and efficiency isn't a linear scale, so
there is no ultimate tool for it.

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