Please have a look at the current Valgrind warnings

Zac Brown zac at
Mon Jun 9 00:04:28 CDT 2008

Looks good... guess I know what I'll be after tomorrow ;).


Dan Kegel wrote:
> After a few days of cleaning up Valgrind warnings
> in the Wine source tree, and adding suppressions
> where it made sense. I've whittled the list of
> Valgrind warnings down to 300 or so.
> This list is short enough that a mortal can look upon it
> without dispair, and even see a number of things
> that might be real bugs.
> The histogram of frequent errors is at
> and shows one call stack per line (only top three locations
> are represented for each call stack).
> A few groups of warnings stand out:
> 10 of them are invalid calls to free() or friends,
> 30 of them involve WideCharToMultiByte,
> 50 of them are in ds3d or ds3d8, and
> 60 of them are in Gecko.
> (Ooodles and oodles are caused by nvidia's libgl,
> libfontconfig, libexpat, and libc; most of these are
> suppressed, or you'd die of bordom or anger reading the logs.)
> As before, the log broken out by directory is at
> The full log is at
> This is run with --track-origins=yes, so you get nifty
> stack tracebacks for where the undefined values
> got their initial, um, nonvalue.  This is often quite
> helpful for narrowing down the cause.
> The diff against CVS of the tree I ran this on is at
> and is mostly the valgrind cleanup patches I've written
> that have not yet been committed (plus one rough one
> from Juan).  It's given for completeness; I'll resubmit
> the individual patches once 1.0 is out.
> Oh, and the suppressions file I use is rather bigger now.
> As always, it's at
> If you've read this far, congratulations and thanks.  Please consider
> triaging one of these warnings.  Just pick one at random, and
> if you really figure it out, please submit a fix; be sure
> to include the valgrind warning in the description of the patch.
> Even if all you figure out is how to improve the test
> and thereby not generate Valgrind warnings, that's great,
> please send in your patch.  Every test we make squeaky-clean
> improves the signal-to-noise ratio for finding real problems.
> (But please don't submit any change you don't really
> understand, or that seems risky.  The goal is not to clean
> up Valgrind warnings; it's to improve the quality of the test suite.)
> - Dan

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