Wine-1.0 release notes

Scott Ritchie scott at
Wed Jun 11 18:32:46 CDT 2008

Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
> Since all of the 1.0 blocker bugs being pushed back, wine-1.0 release notes 
> should list all of those as major known problems. Otherwise people will get 
> a bad impression that wine-1.0 means more then less working release.
> Also release notes should mention that wine-1.0 is not suitable for most 
> games (new or old) for numerous reasons, including video driver bugs, sound 
> and video conflicts with default system setups, unavailability of required 
> features from X server etc.
> And that wine-1.0 will not work at all for majority of people using other 
> then default input methods.
> In short - that after everyone's hard work and 15 years of development 
> wine-1.0 is just a release tag nothing more.
> Vitaliy.

In any case, we should note why we're making a release in the first
place, and make it very clear that we believe Wine 1.0 to be the best
version of Wine yet in all cases (ie, no regressions).

Scott Ritchie

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