'Interactive' tests on Windows 2003

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Fri Jun 13 08:40:40 CDT 2008

Someone asked to check which tests require interaction when running in 
my Windows 2003 VM. However I cannot find the corresponding email (it 
might have been on irc), so I'm sending this data to the list.

So the only interaction that was needed was caused by this IE 
security dialog:

    Content within this application coming from the Web site listed 
    below is being blocked by Internet Explorer Enhanced Security 

Only three tests were impacted:
 * mshtml_test dom
   -> 1508 tests run but 0 failures happened when just closing the 

 * mshtml_test script  (about:security_mshtml_test.exe)
   -> 21 tests run and 13 failures if the dialog is just closed, and 0 
      failures if mshtml_test is manually added to the 'allowed' list.

 * urlmon_test misc
   -> 923 tests run but 0 failures if the dialog is just closed.

When run by winetest these tests just time out though.

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