[PATCH 2/2] shell32: SHFileOperation can move several files into one directory

Vitaly Perov vitperov at etersoft.ru
Wed Jun 18 10:29:07 CDT 2008

> The move operation can already do this.  Why is this patch necessary?
> The test you sent in already passes, so this 'fix' is not being tested
> at all.

I've checked my test again. It fails!

$ wine shell32_test.exe.so shlfileop

So, the result is:
shlfileop.c:171: Test failed: SHGetFileInfoA(c:\nonexistent | 
shlfileop.c:178: Test failed: SHGetFileInfoA(c:\nonexistent | SHGFI_EXETYPE) 
returned 0
shlfileop.c:1230: Test failed: Expected ERROR_SUCCESS, got 1223
shlfileop.c:1231: Test failed: Expected one.txt to not exist
shlfileop.c:1232: Test failed: Expected one2.txt to not exist
shlfileop.c:1233: Test failed: Expected one.txt to exist
shlfileop.c:1234: Test failed: Expected one.txt to exist
shlfileop: 582 tests executed (0 marked as todo, 7 failures), 0 skipped.

Could you check it again, please.

Best wishes,
Vitaly Perov
Russia, Saint-Petersburg. www.etersoft.ru

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