Development plans

Rob Shearman robertshearman at
Wed Jun 18 08:01:40 CDT 2008

2008/6/18 Alexandre Julliard <julliard at>:
> Again, congrats to everybody for the 1.0 release!

Yes, congratulations everyone, especially those who fixed bugs during
the code freeze.

> Now that I'm starting to recover from the shock of having actually
> shipped 1.0, here are a few notes on future development:
> 1) Code freeze is over, patches are accepted again. If you sent patches
> and they didn't get applied during code freeze, please rebase them
> against 1.0 and resend them.
> 2) Development will continue as usual in the git "master" branch. The
> 1.1.x development releases will be made from that branch every other
> Friday.

Should we take this opportunity to move to a sub-maintainer model for
some parts of the Wine tree to take the load off of Alexandre?

Rob Shearman

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