ntdll: Add time stamps to log output.

Peter Urbanec winehq.org at urbanec.net
Tue Jun 24 11:41:28 CDT 2008

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> "Peter Urbanec" <winehq.org at urbanec.net> wrote:
>> This patch will prefix every line of log output with a time stamp.
> At the very least this should be a separate debug channel, if it ever gets
> included at all.

I am about to resubmit the patch which uses a separate channel, named 
"timestamps", similar to what the "tid" channel does for showing thread 

>> The time stamps are formatted as [seconds.microseconds] and measured as 
>> elapsed time from the first time a message is output. This helps with 
>> tracking down time sensitive bugs and it may also come in handy when 
>> investigating performance.

I am also abandoning the idea of timestamps relative to some arbitrary 
point in time. This caused inconsistencies due to the fact that each 
thread would initialise the static variables at different times and as a 
result the timestamps output were inconsistent across threads.

The new patch shows the time relative to the epoch. This ends up being 
faster as well, since there is no time arithmetic involved.

Best regards,

	Peter Urbanec

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