context.c diff file...

Dan Hipschman dsh at
Thu Jun 26 13:41:50 CDT 2008

On Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 02:06:18PM -0400, celticht32 at wrote:
> ok sorry for cutting and pasting the whole routine.. did not see to do just the diff ...
> (give the old guy a break.. I am an architect now not a programmer <G>)

Your diff is getting corrupted.  See all the ???:

Also, don't send patches in HTML (your message is multipart, one
part corrupted and one HTML).  I suspect you can fix both these problems
by using a different MUA (i.e., not AOL), and not copy/pasting a patch
if that is what you are doing.  The best thing in your cases is probably
to follow the directions here for generating a patch:

and then send the patch as an attachment. Your patch should be a unified
diff (diff -u), which it should be by default if you follow the
instructions above.

WRT the patch content itself, there is a lot of whitespace-only change.
The patch should be clear in its purpose.  Whitespace-only changes
detract from the readability of the patch.

Lastly, once the patch is clean and you can send it correctly (test on
yourself and compare with patches sent that get accepted), send it to
the correct list for patches, which is wine-patches, not wine-devel.

Good luck.

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