mountmgr.sys and ioctl's

Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at
Sun Mar 2 01:56:48 CST 2008

Hi Alexandre,

In irc we discussed ioctl's with devices, and how ioctl's go to
ntdll/cdrom.c if the drive is fd backed, and to mountmgr.sys if it
isn't. For itunes it needs raw disk access, but also an ioctl from

What if we always map access to \\.\X: is always mapped to mountmgr,
and let mountmanager open \\.\X:: that would be mapped to
/dosdevices/x::, any ioctl, and read/write stuff that mountmgr can't
handle can then be forwarded to the raw device, if available.

Do you think that would be an appropiate solution?


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