winmm/tests: Don't use 0x55 to avoid any confusion when runningwith +heap.

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sun Mar 2 10:55:19 CST 2008

"Dan Kegel" <dank at> wrote:

> Hey, on that topic, there are also a bunch of other possible suspects:
> ./dlls/ntdll/tests/atom.c:    memset(abi->Name, 0x55, 255 * sizeof(WCHAR));
> ./dlls/ntdll/tests/atom.c:    memset(abi->Name, 0x55,
> lstrlenW(testAtom1) * sizeof(WCHAR));
> ./dlls/user32/tests/menu.c:    memset( bmfill, 0x55, sizeof( bmfill));
> ./dlls/ntoskrnl.exe/ntoskrnl.c:    memset( &irp, 0x55, sizeof(irp) );
> ./tools/wrc/utils.c:    memset(res, 0x55, size);
> ./tools/widl/utils.c:    memset(res, 0x55, size);
> ./tools/wmc/utils.c:    memset(res, 0x55, size);
> ./server/object.c:    if (ptr) memset( ptr, 0x55, size );
> ./server/window.c:    memset( win, 0x55, sizeof(*win) +
> win->nb_extra_bytes - 1 );
> And 0xaa can also interfere:

Perhaps we could agree on a common constant to mark not initialized data in
tests? I'd suggest to use 0xCC (standard debugging trick) for that purpose.


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