kernel32 & winelib: Don't test string size in CompareStringW fornull terminated strings

Adam Strzelecki ono at
Sun Mar 2 10:59:21 CST 2008

> Wine already had at some point strlen along with some other string  
> functions
> implemented in asm, however they have been removed after it was  
> proved that
> gcc optimized C code outperforms it.

Let me ask this way, why Wine don't use standard C library functions  
for lstringsomething kernel32 implementation? Current GLIBC, OSX LIBC  
are Unicode libraries since quite long time. Is Wine supposed to work  
on platforms where wchar_t is unimplemented or differs from unsigned  
short? Anyway AFAIK Wine is only Intel (LittleEndian) 32-bit.
So why Wine does re-implement all the string manipulation functions  
that are already present in C runtimes (heavily optimized for GCC and  
I know that some of Windows functions differ, but Wine may keep just  
the implementation of those that differ? What do you think?

> You are welcome to show the results of the benchmark which show how  
> much
> your patch improves performance.

Please have a look at my patch, is just an easiest try to remove IMHO  
unnecessary requirement to count null-terminated string lengths before  
comparison, as most of comparisons are made with null-terminated  
strings (-1 length).

I don't want anyone to accept my patch straight-ahead, but just to  
review this string manipulation matter in Wine.
Probably the best way it would be to have CompareStringW having to  
versions (function branches), one for 2 null-terminated params (most  
of cases), 2nd for one, or two strings with named length.

Adam Strzelecki |: :|

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