winequartz.drv Mac OS X UI discontinued?

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Sun Mar 2 11:50:02 CST 2008

Am Sonntag, 2. März 2008 18:14:45 schrieb Adam Strzelecki:
> I know that CodeWeavers supports quite nicely Mac builds of Wine, and
> CrossOver for Mac, yet all of them are X11.
> There was also once Darwine - an effort to provide Carbon Wine UI
> driver and Mac optimizations & L&F.
> Pretty many of those were merged back to Wine, but not winequartz.drv.
> Do you guys think about reviving winequartz.drv?
I think everyone would greatly welcome efforts to continue it, and in fact 
Steven Edwards is currently trying to bring the old driver up to date.

So the short answer: We accept (well written) patches!

The long answer: This isn't an easy undertaking. For one part, Wine's display 
driver model(how gdi32, user32, opengl32 and d3d talk to winex11.drv) still 
needs a bit of cleanup, currently some abstraction layers are at the wrong 
place. The other issue is that *a lot* of implicit knowledge is encoded in 
winex11.drv. To add to this, the gain of a native quartz/cocoa/whatever 
driver is rather limited:

* Faster font handling: Maybe, although I personally never had an app that had 
font performance problems. My view is rather limited though
* Dock integration: Crossover has that, despite using winex11.drv. This is an 
entirely different story and comes down to the different ideas what 
an "Application" is at user interface level.

What we would gain:
* No mess with X11 servers. Apple's X11 is rather broken. No Exposé 
headbanging with quartz_wm. No messing with Apple X11's opengl
* No need for a DIB engine on MacOS. MacOS can give us everything we need.
* No troubles with relative mouse movements, like we have them on X11 even on 
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