winequartz.drv Mac OS X UI discontinued?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Sun Mar 2 22:13:42 CST 2008

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> Looks like you overreacted, has nothing
> to do with darwine except using its name.
Actually, I have Mike's code and it uses the Darwine build system and 
applies two patches to it.  One brings in FontForge so that Apple Native 
fonts will work in Wine, and this is discussed on the Building Wine for 
MacOSX web page.  The other fixes a known problem for Leopard's handling 
of screen location (it does not always use :0.0 for security 
reasons).    I will suggest that he bring back into the Darwine project 
his fixes.   I think he already has tried but received no response from 
the Project.

As to the rest, AJ has stated, repeatedly, that he wants no Obj-C in the 
Wine tree.  This prevents bringing in some Mac specific code, and 
completely eliminates the winequartz.drv project.  I'm not going to 
argue with his reasoning, but this forces a Native version of Wine to be 
a continuous fork with fixes in Wine requiring fixes (if winex11.drv is 
changed) in the code.

As to support for the Mac, I have been doing what some Mac users are 
doing now:  Building my own.  Unfortunately, I do not have a place to 
put my builds where the public can download them.  Also, they contain 
code that has not been approved for the main Wine build and may contain 
'dangerous' code.  I'm willing to risk my system's stability to test, 
but not others.

James McKenzie

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