winequartz.drv Mac OS X UI discontinued?

Adam Strzelecki ono at
Mon Mar 3 03:39:06 CST 2008

James McKenzie wrote:
> As to the rest, AJ has stated, repeatedly, that he wants no Obj-C in  
> the
> Wine tree.  This prevents bringing in some Mac specific code, and
> completely eliminates the winequartz.drv project.  I'm not going to
> argue with his reasoning, but this forces a Native version of Wine  
> to be
> a continuous fork with fixes in Wine requiring fixes (if winex11.drv  
> is
> changed) in the code.

That means no good for Mac users. With Leopard release Carbon (pure C)  
is more-less deprecated API, Apple pushes all new functionality only  
to Obj-C Cocoa, also there's is no 64-bit Carbon at all.
I don't want to argue what's wrong with Obj-C that it cannot go into  
Wine code-base, but staying out of it won't ever bring full Wine  
support for Mac users.

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> This is the developers list, not the list for user complaints. Sending
> the patches is a usual activity here, not vague reasoning.

That's bizarre, but OK, every society has its own rules. I raised here  
subject about implementation (or call it development) of some Wine  
module (winequartz.drv), so I thought it is more adequate to post it  
here, but if you call it user complaint alright, this list is "sending  
patches" (even I thought wine-patches is the one) I cut this chit-chat.

Adam Strzelecki |: :|

P.S. What was wrong with "Reply-To" header? I call it normal habit at  
other lists.

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