Getting apps running under Wine

Martin Hinner martin at
Mon Mar 3 06:16:46 CST 2008


   I would like to run some of our (win32-based) applications under
Linux using Wine. At this time it is only for my personal use, but
maybe someday some of our users will like to have it on Linux like me.

   I have managed to get all of them running, showing at least first
dialog/window. But there are some problems:

1) User interface stuff. We are using dialogs (MFC CDialog) that have
non-default font size (i.e.  Times New Roman, 12 ). The font is
displayed correctly under Wine, but dialog window has wrong size (it's
smaller and some parts of dialog, mainly buttons at bottom, are not
visible). I can send more info on this. How to solve this problem
(other way than detecting Wine and resizing window manually) ?

2) Windows drivers. We use DLL that depends on some Win32 drivers.
Linux driver is available with similar API, so it's not a big problem
to change our application to use Linux library. I understand that
clearest way how to solve this problem is to make file, but
it's quite complicated for this particular application and I would
prefer much more to add few if conditions to our Windows code that
would recognize Wine under Linux and load native .so file (not!). Is this possible? How to deal with different calling
conventions between gcc and Visual C++ 2003 ?

3) Windows service. We use a windows NT service (which can easily be
ported to Linux,btw), an application communicates with the service
using named pipe. Is it possible to communicate from "wined"
application with some Linux program using technique other than TCP or
Unix socket ? If no - is it possible to open Unix socket from our win
app ?

Martin Hinner

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