winex11.drv: Add DefaultRefreshRates option to specify refresh ratewhen application does not

Denver Gingerich denver at
Mon Mar 3 09:04:53 CST 2008

On Mon, Mar 3, 2008 at 6:03 AM, Dmitry Timoshkov <dmitry at> wrote:
> "Denver Gingerich" <denver at> wrote:
>  > This patch allows the user to specify a list of default refresh
>  > rates to use at particular resolutions to override the default
>  > behavior that chooses the refresh rate based on whichever mode
>  > is first in the list for a given resolution.  The list is specified
>  > by populating the X11 Driver/DefaultRefreshRates registry key with
>  > a semicolon-delimited list of resolution, refresh rate pairs.
>  What's really needs to be done is writing the tests to investigate
>  what Windows does in that case, and make the tests pass in Wine.

The only way I could see of modifying the default refresh rate under
Windows is to change it through Display Settings.  Unfortunately, not
all Wine platforms have this option.  On my system, where the Nvidia
binary driver automatically constructs a list of modes (there are no
ModeLine entries in xorg.conf), there does not appear to be a
mechanism for modifying the mode list.

I suppose the proper solution would be to modify the Nvidia binary
driver to allow for modification of the mode list (and modify any
other drivers that don't provide that mechanism).  While I generally
like proper solutions, I don't think that is a practical option
because we don't have access to the Nvidia binary driver source code
yet those with Nvidia cards have to use it for
DirectDrawRenderer=opengl and RenderTargetLockMode=readtex.

If I find the time, I will try to construct a test case in the next
few days and run it on Windows and Wine to see what happens.  If
someone on the list is interested, though, I would appreciate if they
did it instead.  I don't have a development environment setup on
Windows at this point.

Regardless of the outcome of the test cases, I would still like to see
DefaultRefreshRates implemented in Wine for the reasons above.  Unless
someone can tell me how to change the mode ordering in the OS with the
Nvidia driver, I can't see any way to choose different default refresh
rates for the various resolutions.  I would appreciate if others could
comment on whether their video card driver allows the mode ordering to
be changed.


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